Video & Digital Marketing Are Natural Soul Mates


​But Doesn’t Great Quality, Professional Video Cost A Fortune?!?

​‘Remote’ video capture is the answer!

After downloading an app on your iPhone, our directors and producers control the phone remotely, enabling high-quality video, but at a greatly reduced cost.  We can also send you a kit, for even more polished video. 

​Join The Unstoppable Video-Digital Marketing TrainUntil very recently, humans took in the world through only motion, not still images and not text.  Though important modern inventions, still images and text don’t reach the depth of the human soul the way that moving images, i.e. video, do. Some people like to read the book.  Others like to watch the movie. Target both!

Rocket Science Web has partnered with a leading business video company to create a seamless, cost-effective video content product that combines the best of video and digital marketing.

After your videos are created, we can help you to create client-winning programs on YouTube, Facebook, Google, Instagram

​To help you to win clients, we utilize cutting-edge digital marketing techniques such as

• Retargeting – those who have visited your website will see your videos,
• Custom Intent – those that show an interest in your type of product, will see your videos
• Demographic Targeting – e.g. wealth, gender, age. 

Client Winning Video Lengths & Digital Platforms

Psychologists tell us the average human attention span has dropped below 9 seconds, in this information overload era. Every second of video above 30 seconds lowers the view rate on YouTube and other platforms.  Our program includes one video from each of the following optimal client-winning video run-times:

● 30 seconds – YouTube-client only charged if the user watches the entire video
● 15 seconds  – new un-skippalbe format on YouTube and other video platforms.
●  6 seconds   – Unskippable Bumper Ads on YouTube and other video platforms.

$1,950 includes all set up, video shoot, scripting and editingof the three videos.  Once complete, the videos are ready to upload to your favorite platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, Instagram and even Amazon.. For every video, we always include three essential messages, 
1) branding,
2) business function
3) one Unique Selling Point
After you are satisfied with your videos, 
we can create a custom program to help market them on the major digital platforms including search engine, social media, display and video.

Please contact us or call (973) 765 6662 for more information or to get started on video digital marketing.