Secret Rocket Fuel

The secret sauce chart of Rocket Science Web

Every business person should understand that the goal of business (except for non profits), is to make money.  Therefore, your digital marketing goals should be in line with this objective.  For most types of business, profitable transactions are quantifiable and a certain number of leads, such as phone calls are needed to obtain these transactions.  

Once the above data is calculated, the R.O.I of the particular channel  i.e. PPC, SEO, Social Media, Direct, Email etc. can also be calculated as well as the sub-component of each channel, e.g. a particular keyword, and continually optimized.  This is the “secret rocket fuel” of Rocket Science Web and as you can imagine, the devil is in the detail.  It is interesting to note that our modern digital marketing strategy is based on a timeless business goal, namely to make more money (profit).

​Large Brands may not be as web-transaction based as smaller companies.  For instance, the Coca Cola brand is not waiting for you to place a phone order to their headquarters, whereas a smaller company may be all too happy to receive phone orders. Therefore large brand metrics may lean more towards awareness creation, such as the number of page views, duration on site and ad reach and frequency.  Larger brands tend to use a modified version of the above graphic, emphasizing the importance of awareness and top of mind.

Google Tools are invaluable in achieving the above, but are not the complete answer.  For instance, Google platforms currently only track phone calls via Google Adwords, not via other channels, such as Facebook.  Furthermore, Google does not currently record calls, nor assess their quality.  Therefore, to be a true Rocket Web Scientist, one must employ a variety of tools including, but way beyond what Google offers.

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