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Google vs. ChatGPT

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.The ability to search for services, products or information, with instantaneous results, is perhaps the most astonishing capability enabled by our digital age.  Visit and you’re presented with a bevy of uncannily on-target websites. And with the advent of ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing’s A.I., Google Bard and other A.I.s, perhaps we’re embarking on the next stage of digital evolution?   

Unlike organic or natural listings, sponsored or paid listings can be placed virtually instantly, with precise keyword and geographic targeting.  Organic listings on the other hand, may require many months to appear, if they appear at all, for your desired keywords and towns.  While it’s true that some skip over ads, many searchers don’t mind or even prefer ads, since they know there’s a company that took the time to prepare for their search.  Furthermore, many searchers don’t distinguish between sponsored and organic search results are happy to click on ads and do business with the destination advertiser.  Finally, others will see a sponsored search listing and click on its organic equivalent further down. 

As certified Google Partners, Engineers and Scientists with actual S.T.E.M. degrees, we feel that our Rocket Science Web Ads capability is second to none.   We’re often called in to fix the mess that others have made, which is our strength.  That’s why we provide all our clients with a leads dashboard, enabling them to see business arrive in near real time.

Let Google Ads AI (Artificial Intelligence) work for you

Perhaps the most incredible feature of Google Ads, is also the least known and most misunderstood, namely Google’s AI (artificial intelligence).  AI can dramatically lower your cost per click, while smashing your competitors.  Any well defined digital marketing campaign will first define a series of desirable website goals such as phone calls, form fills, e-commerce purchases, instant web chat and a variety of other business goals.  What caused these goals to happen; was it the keyword, the gender or age of the prospect, the type of device (iphone, droid, tablet, desktop etc), the time of day, the search location or some other factor?  Whatever caused the click is factored into account during future searches.  Winning prospects see your ad prominently while tire kickers are eliminated.  We’ll empower your business with Google’s awesome A.I..

Our Advanced, Proprietary Mathematical Models Supplement Google’s Artificial Intelligence.

Bringing You More Leads For Less Investment.

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