ChatGPT & Other A.I. for Digital Marketing

Our Client’s Display Ads, 2 x 4 Revolving, Animated Slides Are A/B Tested For Maximum Performance

When People hear Google, they normally think of the Search Network.  However, Google has another awesome tool called the Google Display Network (GDN).  Many of our clients benefit greatly from this lesser-known Google tool.  GDN allows businesses to place their banner ads on others’ websites, blogs, apps etc.  

The concept is simple.  Google pays companies for banner ad space (not pop-ups) to be placed on their digital properties, such as websites.  We pay Google on behalf of our clients and the clients’ clickable ads appear.  The placement targeting is both varied and precise and includes 1) remarketing (visitors to your website will see your ads again), 2) keyword (your ads appear on web pages that contain your keywords)  3) topics, 4) interests 5) demographics and 6) managed placement (choose specific websites).

The Display Network is a great way of bringing prospects back to you (remarketing) while raising awareness and top of mind.  For maximum efficiency, we offer two types of ads, the revolving set of slides and the new responsive ads.  Of course, all display ads are geo-targeted down to the zip (post) code or town.

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