ADA Compliance For Websites


Do the right thing. Do The Legal Thing

​Reach Out to An Additional 20% of Web Visitors With Disabilities, While Protecting Your Business From Ruinous Lawsuits, Within Two Business Days!

About 60 million Americans have a disability that requires extra accommodated on websites.  Our fellow Americans, including vision impaired, motor impaired, color blind, prone to seizures,  ADHD and others are too important to ignore, both from an ethical and business perspective. And the potential legal-financial exposure, with $20,000-$100,000 settlements being typical, would be disastrous for many small businesses.

Last year, there were over 2,500 countable ADA Website lawsuits, with over 75% in the North-East.  This does not include demands or warning letters that have not come to trial, and issued in far greater numbers. Although nobody can guarantee 100% ADA compliance, our Software has been installed on over 100,000 websites, including numerous Fortune 500 and out of those, there have been zero successful lawsuits. We use an automated A.I. process to scan and correct your website, creating an overlay which visitors see and which updates after you make additional website changes.  The Manual Method normally takes longer than building the entire remainder of the website itself, with the added burden of future changes.  Our process normally takes two to three business days to become active, both initially and after ongoing website updates that you may make.

In the case of a lawsuit, we work with a company that will help you to respond to any queries.  It may be only a matter of time before your website is challenged.    Our typical annual cost is $599, with a $100 one time installation fee.  To fully implement the same system manually on a website, with all the functionality, would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars and would likely produce a bland experience for all.  ​So when you’re ready to help 20% of Americans, while growing your base and protecting your business, Contact Us for a free website test, followed by a rapid deployment.

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