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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking high on Google and other search engines, in the organic or unpaid section means more potential clients will click on your listing and ultimately do business with you. That’s why the competition for rankings is so fierce.  Understanding the underpinnings of Google rankings is obvious, but the devil is in the detail.  Google wants to remain the world’s largest search engine.  Fundamentally, they retain that crown by providing the searcher with the best experience possible, which means satisfying their search more closely than any other competitor.

Website Structure

The first port of call is to ensure that your website is structured optimally and has great content.  Remember, searches tend to be very specific, so you should have a variety of pages on your website that satisfy a particular theme or subset of your entire business.  For instance, if you’re an exotic pet veterinarian, you should have specific web pages, with great content, on rabbits, ferrets & guinea pigs, not just exotic pets, since most of the searches will relate to the individual pet types.  Furthermore, each of these web pages should have the appropriate meta keywords such as title tag, h1 tag, and URL name.

Blogging & Social Media

Once your website is properly structured with great content, freshen the content periodically. We also suggest a blog for your website, under your domain name.  Blogging inherently adds new content and some of our clients receive over 30% of their organic search volume directly to their blog.  Finally, having great social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, with backlinks to your website is an important component of SEO.

Over Optimization Warning

Many “SEO” companies focus on adding precise percentages of keywords in website content or engage in backlink building programs.  We don’t say that this path is incorrect, in fact some businesses have done well with this strategy.  However, Google does issue stark over optimization warnings and many companies have lost ranking and business as a result.  The RSW philosophy is to help clients to create great content and the backlinks and clicks will come.

Monitoring & Optimization

All of this SEO is great, but how is it actually benefitting you?  You’ll love how we monitor & optimize your website, (but patience is required as it could take up to six months to produce meaningful results) and other digital platforms, as follows:

  1. Goals – Whereas most digital agencies stop tracking after the click, this is no longer good enough. Your website should have defined SEO-generated goals such as phone calls, form fills, instant web chats, e-commerce orders and other metrics.  We utilize advanced coding to pinpoint the origin of these goals and which were generated by SEO & other channels such as social media, PPC, email etc.  In near real-time, you can hear the phone calls and see the form fills and orders coming via your website.

2) S.E.R.P.s  Search Engine Rank Position.  We monitor how you and your competitors rank on Google Organic for your various keywords.  The idea is a gradual rise in rank.

3) Google Analytics – We monitor how many organic clicks your website receives and send you this information.

4) We can also look at backlinks to your website.

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