Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Need more patients for a clinical trial? What about an artistically unique, high performance website or social media that’s irresistable to stockholders, strategic partners or patients?  Rocket Science Web has unmatched experience in digital marketing for the pharma industry.  

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Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Without Clinical Trial Patients Are  The Life Blood Of New Product Development.  RSW’s Incomperable Grasp Of Personals, Digital Methods And Geo-Propensity Modeling, As Well As Optimal Use Of Follow Up Content Means Less Waiting For Trial Patients, Even For Rarer Diseases.

Artistically Unique, High Performance Websites

Is Your Website An Irresistable Object Of Beauty That Will Interest Visitors Or A Snoozefest? Step Up With Our Clasically Trained, Yet Hip Artists & Wordsmiths With Incomperable Experience In UX/UI.

Other Pharma Digital Marketing

Attract Shareholders, Strategic Partners, Product Patients with RSW’s unique methods for identifying & Optimizing Personas, Pathways & Funnels when Navigating your Digital Infrastructure

With over ten years of experience in this sector, RSW Pharma capabilities are second to none, which is why so many pharma companies depend upon our content.  And last year, we were honored to receive a prestigious Jersey award in the Pharma Digital Marketing sector. 

For clinical trials, the patient is not the only target audience.  What about their family and friends?  Have you tried targeting key oncologists or other medical specialists who can bring in multiple patients?  

Have you considered patient motivations?  Are they motivated by a chance to win improve their own health or to contribute to the improving the outcomes for those who suffer with a particular ailment.  These are important factors when creating a sophisticated digital marketing program.

Jersey Award for Pharma
Jersey Award – Pharma, Digital – 2022

‘For our multi-location dermatology practice, we chose Rocket Science Web (RSW) as our digital marketers and were not disappointed.  RSW created and managed our Google account and managed our Facebook and Instagram accounts while helping us to upgrade our website.  They brought in a steady stream of patients and at the end, we were able to add several additional locations, leading to the eventual sale of the business, our long-term plan.  RSW was instrumental in our growth.’
        Brandon Siemion, VP of Development, Southern Tier Dermatology – 7 Locations

Our engineers love taking failed campaigns, analyzing why they failed, based on real-world data and making them sing.  Our marketers first find out the exact type of patients needed and laser-focuses on them.  Our main weapons in the dermatology sector include Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Blogging and ideal web design.  All client acquisition and new leads are tracked and visible and the platforms that generated them are optimized.  Being engineers, we are able to utilize A.I. (artificial intelligence) to beat your competitors to the most profitable clients.  We also use an advanced geo-biasing system, enabling you to effectively target the closest, wealthiest towns, without neglecting other important geography.

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Our dashboard will verify leads as they come in, be they phone calls, appointments, form fills or live web chat and how they were generated, leaving you in no doubt as to their source.  Call us today for a free consultation.  

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